Sphynx Cat Class

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Sculpted cat bust class

Join Emma Jayne* and learn how to create this regal sphynx cat

Watch Emma Jayne on 30th November

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*This class is pre-recorded

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What you will learn

  • Creating a cat bust cake
  • Feline facial features
  • Working with RKT and modelling chocolate
  • Creating internal armature
  • Hand painting with edible dusts

    Emma Jayne’s classes take place in a private Facebook Group you will receive a pdf of Tools & Materials after you sign up and you will be added to the private group. The workshop is pre-recorded and you can re-watch at any time after.If you have any questions you can ask Emma in the group and she will aim to personally reply within 24 hours.*Please ensure you provide us with your email address connected to your Facebook account if it is different to the one provided for payment.