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I bought the online course Quincy and made this fantastic stretching cat! I actually didn’t think I could make something like it, but with the guidance by Emma Jayne I actually did and was blown away! I had never used modelling chocolate before and made it myself and it was amazing to work with. Emma Jayne is such an amazing artist and tutor, her online tutorial was very easy to follow, she showed a lot of new techniques to me and I learned so much. The benefit of an online tutorial is that you can watch it over and over and pause where you need to. I began by watching it one time before getting started as to know what to expect and then played it, paused, played back… I will buy more online classes, it has been  a dream for a long time to take her classes and it exceeded my expectations.

I can really recommend Emma Jayne’s classes!


Anna Freudenthal

I have taken numerous of Emma Jaynes classes over the years and have also just enrolled on her online classes.

She is an exceptional teacher, and goes into so much detail in her classes, explaining every step of the process so well.

Her skills as a sugarcrafter, has rightly earned her worldwide recognition, Emma Jayne really is the best of the best.

Her patience and humour make any of her classes a joy to attend and I look forward to more of her work.

Wishing you every success Emma Jayne


Miriam Pearson – Sweet Creations

From start to finish emma made you feel very comfortable, it was like being in your friend kitchen, warm and very friendly. The lessons them self’s were so Imformative with step by step help from Emma herself. I would highly recommend any of Emma’s courses, they are amazing.


Melanie Davies

Emma is by far one of the single most gifted women and cake artists I have ever seen.

Each cake I have had is made with lice and perfect attention to the finest detail.

There is a slays a warm welcome from Emma and she listens to everything you want and the end result is

always as I imagine. Thank you Emma for always making birthdays special when your cake is the centerpiece.


Jodie Dalton

I have had the privilege to attend both face to face workshops and numerous online demo classes with Emma Jayne and I can say in all honesty that both experiences rock!


Emma is without a doubt one of the most talented artists around today! Not only is she extremely talented she is a patient and generous teacher, she is also one of the most gorgeous ladies to spend a few days working with.


The best way to experience Emma’s workshops are face to face. To be able to get hands on tutelage from an Artist of this calibre is a real privilege.


You will learn an amazing amount of skills which you can transfer to your own work in order to up your game.


Not everyone is lucky enough to be able to get to a face to face class, so the online demos are an amazing alternative. You can refer back to them time after time, which is such a game changer…


I guarantee anyone who attends one of Emma Jaynes classes, be it online or face to face will not only come away with new skills , and a stunning piece of sugar art but will have a hoot of a time!


Sugar Artistry is so the New Rock n Roll!



Liann from Fantasy Fancies

Having attended a number of Emma-Jayne’s classes in person and online, I have always been impressed by her talent and creativity. Emma is so approachable and always has time for everyone. She doesn’t leave a face to face class until everyone is finished and happy with their work, believe me, everyone is more than happy when leaving her classes.  I not only admire her cake artistry talent but also the fact that she is such a genuine person . Emma deserves every bit of success that comes her way and I would have no trouble recommending her classes.


Jayne Earnshaw

I run Viv’s Vision Cakes in South Somerset and I am a Paul Bradford approved tutor. I have had the pleasure to of been able to do many of Emma Jaynes online classes. Emma makes the whole process of learning and creating the most stunning designs easy to recreate. I have made her Kingfisher on a tree branch a standing cute rabbit, lamb, frog and Gilbert the dog. All these have used techniques that I now use in my own designs for customers. So if you really want to be able to create stunning  animals then join Emma Jayne classes as worth every penny.


Viv’s Vision Cakes

I recently purchased the spring collection from Emma and I love it.

I have to say she is just an amazing teacher.Emma  is extremely patient and explains things in such a way that you really feel you can achieve what she is teaching. You can tell that she loves teaching as she’s a great listener and answers your questions. Emma’s attention to detail is unbelievable. I can’t recommend her classes enough she has such an unbelievable talent that she wishes to share with us how lucky are we ! 


Mandy Moore