Sandy The Labrador

Join Emma Jayne* online and learn how to create this very cute labrador. Emma Jayne will guide you through the process (explaining how to use cake), sculpting paste and RKT. Emma Jayne will share her hand painting tips and tricks with you and of course have fun! Create the sculpture in your own time and ask as many questions as you wish by commenting in the group. You stay in the group indefinitely so you can watch as many times as you like. *This class is live.


Emma Jayne’s classes take place in a private Facebook Group, the pdf of Tools & Materials will be placed in the private group. After the live event, you can re-watch at any time after. If you have any questions you can ask Emma in the group and she will aim to personally reply within 48 hours.


Please ensure you provide us with your email address connected to your Facebook account if it is different to the one provided for payment.

Class Level


Class Length

Minimum 3 Hour

Class Price


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The Stegosaurus